2010-02-26 23:01:27


Those of you who have been to recent lessons will know that the Young Tigers karate club has been asked to do a demonstration at Sainsburys to help in their efforts to raise money for Sport Relief Charity.

We will need as much help as possible for the demonstration and for collection buckets. At the moment we know we will have about 2 or 3 students taking part so we could do with your help.

All students should wear karate uniform and training shoes and assemble at the front of the store at 10.00am where the demonstration will take place.
When is the demonstration?
10.30 to 11.30am

Saturday 27th February 2010
Meet at the front of Sainsburys
Where is the demonstration?

The demonstration will be at the front of Sainsburys (3 Crown Road, Enfield, EN1 1AJ, United Kingdom - 020 8805 5209). This is the Sainsburys near the Southbury Leisure Centre on the other side of the A10 Great Cambridge Road. See map below.
What is happing in the demonstration?

The sports centre have kindly allowed us to borrow some blue mats and we can do some karate without risk of injury by slipping on the floor.

We plan to demonstrate something similar to a normal lesson. Similar to the following list.

    Basic kicks and punches
    Kumite such as 5 step sparring, 3 step and 1 step sparring.
    We will also be bringing some of our foam covered sticks to show gladiator games.



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