The good old pillow fight can be a fun way to learn important fighting skills, such as how to evade an attack and the timing of a response (counter attack).

Playing gladiator type games similar to those from medieval and Roman times are really popular though in our games the sword, shield and spear is substituted with: an inflatable air shield, a soft sponge ball inside a pillow case and a foam covered pugil stick.


Karate students pillow fight while standing on vinyl covered foam cylinders


The Adventures of Robin Hood

In the movies when Robin Hood encounters Little John for the first time, they meet on either side of a river and the only way to cross is by walking along a fallen tree. Neither character will give way so they fight each other with a staff ( a long stick) while standing on the log. The first person to knock the other into the river would be the winner.

To make the game more like the story the gladiators have to balance on some large red cylinders made of foam. The game is played on a matted area and the cylinders are surrounded with blue crash mats for an imaginary river (and a soft landing).

Danny and Greg fight with an early version of the pugil sticks

Photo: Danny and Greg fight with pugils sticks
Location:  gym at Lee Valley Leisure Centre

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