Beginners course frequently asked questions

Are parents allowed to stay and watch their children while they train in the karate class?

Yes, many parents can sit and watch their children on the benches and seats provided around the edge of the hall.


Do you have free taster sessions to see if my child likes the class?

Yes we do.

The following lessons are charged for on attendance

Beginners are offered a reduced membership fee in the first year which includes a karate suit, one of the advantages of having a suit is that the beginners don't feel different from the others in the class.

Can we watch the class to see if we like it?

Yes parents and children are welcome to watch the class but unfortunately they can't join in without first enrolling.

My child is not yet five years old can she join the beginners class?

Unfortunately we cannot accept children until they are five years old. Our karate association insurance policy does not allow us to teach children younger than five years of age.

We have two children of different ages who would like to join the beginners class. Can they train together in the same class?

Yes, we allow families, siblings and friends  to train in the same class. The class for older children is run at a faster pace and may have fewer games.  It may not be suitable for some young children. Families can try both classes to see which is more acceptable.



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