Karate for Infant and junior school children 

 Children and teenagers from all over Enfield and surrounding boroughs have joined the club over the years since the club began in 1987.

If you are interested in taking up karate please start by joining our beginners class

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The club will be accepting new members in November 2019


Improved confidence

Improved confidence

There are many kinds of confidence and it is probable that children who "believe" that they lack confidence are actually very confident in other areas of their life.


Positive feedback

Positive Feedback

Many small things can help improve a child's confidence. When students feel they know what they're doing they're quite happy to show others by standing the front of the class and demonstrating the particular skill or technique.
Afterwards a short applause from the onlooking class helps to build self-esteem even more.

Richard Branson once said, “When you lavish praise on people, they flourish; criticize and they shrivel up.”

Overcoming fear

 Overcoming fear

Sometimes fear of getting hurt and the pain that it can cause can prevent one from wanting to do some things and makes one feel less confident. Yet it can also can be a benefit in that it makes children concentrate and focus. It is sometimes possible to face the fear and change one's thinking by asking oneself the question "what can I do to make this less painful?". This changes the brain's mode of operation from one of fear (when it is difficult to think clearly) to a more logical and relaxed state.
In many cases we can imagine a way to overcome the problem and develop some practical steps to complete a task.

For instance sometimes we practice forward rolls on the matted area because it is useful in a self defence situation to be to fall or roll without causing injury.
Some children already know how to do a forward roll but others don't know or are scared. In these instances we are lucky that we have large thick gymnastic crash mats which we can use to provide a soft landing. The children learn to to do the forward roll without fear of injury on the crash mat and when they've developed enough skill they can try on the soft mat instead.


 Learning karate is a fun way to develop and build confidence.

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