Young Tigers Dojo - History

September 1987

The Young Tigers karate club was started in September of 1987 by sensei David Kerridge at Lee Valley Leisure Centre, Picketts Lock Lane, Edmonton, London N9.

Early Years

For first few years, students were instructed by senseis David and John Kerridge. During the Summer of 1988 Sensei Ian Parsons and Derek Playle taught briefly while Sensei David traveled to Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan to train with Kanazawa Kancho and others including Kasuya Sensei, Ichihara Sensei and Sugimoto Sensei at the Shotokan Karate International main dojo.

In the following year Sensei Ian Thomas who in 1982 had spent 10 months training daily at the Yotsuya Dojo Japan with the same Japanese instructors listed above became a regular instructor at the Young Tigers dojo.

Training Sessions

Training sessions were held every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday for beginners to brown belts in the gymnasium. On Tuesday evenings the black and brown belts trained in a separate hall. These advanced classes were taught by sensei Barry Shearer who has been the Enfield Karate club chief instructor since the late 1970's.


May 2002

When the Lee Valley Leisure centre, Edmonton was closed to make way for a new sports stadium, the Young Tigers club moved to the Southbury Leisure centre when it first opened to the public in May 2002.

Last Lessons at Lee Valley Leisure Centre



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