The Jin Sei Kai Shotokan Karate Association UK

Our Accociation

Our Association

Our club is called Young Tigers Karate Club but our members belong to an organization called Jin Sei Kai founded by chief instructor Paul Perry 8th Dan.


Karate clubs in the UK almost without exception belong to an organization of some kind so that their members are insured in case of injury. Fortunately our none of our club members have needed to make a claim yet!

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Powerful karate for health

Karate can be seen to be useful for different things to different people. The kind of karate that is taught at our club helps to produce a healthy and strong body.

The founder of our Association spent many years studying ways generate powerful movement by making small adjustments to technique and body position.


National Examinations

National Examination Standard for Students

Our members have had the benefit of being examined by our chief instructor Sensei Paul Perry 8th Dan (see photo right: congratulating a student on passing his black belt).

Being one of the highest ranking instructors in the UK with more than 30 years of experience, Sensei Perry examined students nationally across the UK. He has taught at international karate seminars in Europe and examined students in countries as far away as Australia and India.

Sesei Perry had a clear understanding of the standard required for each belt and our members can be assured that they are deserving of any belt that they have been awarded.

Since Sensei Perry's passing in February 2014 gradings and examinations are now carried out by the senior committee of Jin Sei Kai. The examiners names are Sensei Michael Gorman, Sensei Michelle Perry and Sensei Stuart Vousden.



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